Saturday, February 7, 2009


OOPS -- on more than one count:
First because I haven't been here in a while, and second because as you see, I chose some color values that didn't quite fit really well in the light/dark category for my Log Cabin blocks.  I am in a "strip exchange" with my internet quilting friends.  We each send one another 3 light and 3 dark strips of fabric and we each end up with a nice supply of 2" strips.  It's been really fun, but I couldn't wait for all of mine to arrive before starting on my log cabin blocks--a pattern I've been wanting to try for a long time.

But, back to my error in judgement on color value--it wasn't as hard to fix as I thought it might be.  And I'm so glad I fixed it!

These are the first 4 log cabin blocks I did.  I really like them:

Oh, and so my knitting friends think that I have been quilting only all this time--WRONG.  I've been busy knitting too.  This little vest is so cute with the ribbon ties, I just had to show it to you completed even though you saw it a few weeks ago missing only the ties.

And, yes, I did finish the vest for my grandson--almost in time for his birthday.

I haven't been meaning to ignore you, just been busy with all my quiltin' and knittin'.

I'll show you some progress on my block of the month project next time around--oh and some knitted Christmas project are already in the works too.  I'm just  almost beside myself with my "busyness".

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Anna Maria said...

I love your log cabin blocks!!
Glad to see you're allowed on the computer again ;-)