Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Although this little knitted dish cloth has nothing to do with my recent STASH BUSTING, I thought I did need to share it with you and let you know that I just had to keep this one for myself and use it yesterday!  I'll just have to make another for my special Christmas recipient.

But on to the business at hand.  Can STASH BUSTING be considered spring cleaning?
And therefore housework?  If so then I've done a lot of cleaning the past few days!

This is the first I made from my already cut charms--all leftovers.  The solids are all fleece.  I love putting something "tactile" in baby blankets.

And speaking of tactile, this one has flannel, fleece, and chenille.

Another with flannel, and fleece, and cotton.  It's all finished since this photo was taken.  Hooray. 

And this is now a quilt with a red flannel back.

OK, so now that I've done some "housework" I guess I can play with my log cabin quilt some more, right?

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