Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Move over, baby blanket and second leg warmer;

I've got a prayer shawl to knit for a hospitalized friend:
That chair is one of my favorite spots to sit and knit. For a prayer shawl, I prefer to NOT be in front of the TV--for obvious reasons.

Knitting is still usually an evening only project, though, so I'm still busy on the quilting front too.
Lots and lots of squares cut and ready to be sewn in to flying geese sashes.  As you can see, I still need the directions--haven't done enough yet to know how without a reminder each day I begin anew.

And speaking of new:  Look at this odd little blossom on my Peace Lily.  I think it wanted a twin and got just a little runt of a sibling!  Looks almost like an orchid.  And no, there's not one of those in the house so it's not cross pollination--doubt if that's even possible.  If there are any horticulture experts out there, let me know; it would be an interesting trivia fact.

In the meantime, my dryer just stopped, so it's time to get back to my laundry/sewing room.  Yep, the sewing is lots more fun than the laundry, but doing both at the same time does make the laundry not quite so boring.

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Cary Hairbows said...

Mary Lynn,

I love your prayer shawl. :) What a comforting, thoughtful sentiment for your friend. It is beautiful way to let her know she is loved and prayed for.

Your peace lily looks so healthy! I have THE worst trouble with mine. It always has brown leaf edges, whether I water less or more or give it varying sun exposure. That bloom is interesting! I must say, mine have never looked like that! How neat!!