Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ah, it's always so nice to be home, especially when I'm greeted my the sweet little eyes of all these (and many more) pansies and violas!

But I did have a  wonderful visit with my daughter and her children (and Oh, yes, her little Fiona--a red long haired miniature dachshund.)

I was visiting on March 25 which is an Orthodox Christian holiday, so I was able to attend Liturgy with her and see our former priest who now is her priest in Columbia SC.  After church we visited the Children's hospital and I was taken on a personal tour--wonderful for this former NICU nurse!

On Thursday we spent the day in Charlotte NC visiting several bridal shops, looking for the perfect dress for her upcoming marriage ceremony.  We found a few that were possibilities, but it wasn't until Thursday when we returned to the first  shop (in Columbia) that she had been in before that she knew she had found "it".  Going "outside the box" of tea length wedding dresses (very difficult to find) or gowns of typical length that would be shortened, she  found the PERFECT dress for an "encore" wedding.

A longer than usual drive home last night (through lots of rain, though thankfully not in the mountains) got me home safe and sound.  And I brought with me more goodies for some sewing projects.  My daughter is an interior consultant, so she provided me with lots of fabric pieces (discontinued samples) that I can envision in all sorts of ways:  pieced comforters, pillows, purses, etc., etc., etc.

A friend at church gave me this small piece of fabric last week to see if our little group could use it in quilts.   (She says she has about 20 yards.)  It is decorator cotton.  I know we will not be able to use it in our Project Linus work, but I am going to wash it, piece it, and rewash it to see if it will be worth working with her generous donation.  (Yep, those are my flying geese sashes on the side there.)

But for tonight, I think I'll just "chill out" and work on the baby blanket.

By the way, for those of you who think that you know who this is for and therefore know the gender of a certain expected baby:  Don't be so sure.  I also have a goddaughter who is expecting.  So you don't know who this blanket is for.  SO THERE--you still don't know yet about whether  that May baby is a boy or girl.  I have some pink  yarn in my stash too!


Cary Hairbows said...

Mary Lynn,

Your pansies are glorious--a nice Spring welcome you had when you returned! Make sure you keep us updated on what you make with the decorator squares from your daughter's shop--that looks like fun! I like how you have vision with your sewing art.

I would have loved a NICU tour. So much has changed since I left the ICN 13 years ago to go for my PNP. There are times I think about jumping back into that saddle. Maybe one day ...

You can't fool me with that blue blankie. ;) :)

Have a wonderful week. Welcome back!


Deanna Ballantine said...

Mary Lynn
Your flowers are pretty, we received another blanket of snow over night...even dd is wishing for spring! That it is great that dd is able to pass on those fabric samples, bet you will put them to good use! Glad you had a good visit with your dd and her family! I also love your blue blanket, it looks just like the one I made last summer for my dh's cousin...