Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ah, my trip to my daughter's was indeed wonderful.  Too short, though, as always.  

Yes, I did find what I think will be the perfect backing for my log cabin quilt--from her new Good Folks line of fabric:

No, I didn't finish the leg warmer for my granddaughter.   There were too many other things to do.  A special treat for a grandmother is always getting to see the youngsters in a school program.  Somehow a lot of my trips seem to just by chance be timed just right to take in a few.  This trip was one of those lucky times.

But this might just have been the most special of all.  I taught young Isabela how to knit!  And as you see, she's able to move right along on her own.  My daughter has a few shots of the teaching process on her blog.

So, now I've got lots to do:  finish that leg warmer (Will that ever happen?) and get back to work on the flying geese sashing for the log cabin quilt.  
Busy, busy, busy.  At least it's rainy here today, so it should be a perfect day for that sort of thing.  Oh, and DRATS, vacuuming too!


Jan said...

Mary Lynn, that is the "perfect" backing for that gorgeous LC :) Wha a beautiful line AM created :) Hurry up and finish it please cuz I'm anxious to see it all together :) Sooooooo, no vacuuming allowed!!!

That picture of Isabella made me LOL ... she is concentrating sooooooo hard!!! What a cutie pie.

Love ya! JanM

Melissa said...

Love the pictures Mary Lynn! I'm sure it was a great trip!