Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well, I finished assembling my Log Cabin quilt top this afternoon.  I think I'll wait until it's finished to show it to you, though.  However, I'll tease just a bit, maybe:  I think that the stripe at the bottom of this "whopper-jawed" Roy G. Biv pile (pre-washing) will be the binding.

After washing and before adding to my stash cupboard, I restacked--lots of great PJ fabric in there.

Ah, and here's a bit more of the Roy G. Biv stacking.  This time, though it's the 6x9s done by a few of our church ladies that will be donated for afghans to be assembled for wounded military.  I'm sure I'll be getting lots more in coming weeks.

And speaking of donations, this is another of the comforters that I made with donated fabric.  I also did my first label on the computer for this one--piece o' cake!

Hmm, not sure what's in store on the domestic front tomorrow.  Oh, yeah, I think I'm going to have to frog the 3 rows that I knitted on my sweater tonight.  DRATS!

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Jan said...

Your stash is growing by leaps and bounds Mary Lynn :) Love "stripes" for binding! Now, quit teasing and show us that top!!! Very cute comforter :) Love ya :)