Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Wow, I have lots of goodies to drop off at my local knitting shop that is a drop off spot for charities.
A couple more ladies from church brought me donations this past week.
These blankets will go to Project Linus.

Along with those shown a few posts ago, these rectangles will be sent off to make afghans for wounded military.

These quilts will also go to Project Linus.

And these blankets will go to a local crisis pregnancy center.

Thanks ladies!


Anna Maria said...


Our Curly Girls said...

WOW, Mary Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!! You just do sewing circles around me in super sonic speed. You are an inspiration and these gifts will be cherished. They are so cuddly and just ooze your love and big, warm hugs.

Your pics are amazing--love the blankies on the black background--they just look so vibrant.

Awesome, amazing post. God bless! You put the biggest smile on my face. xoxo


Jan said...

Oh Mary Lynn! You and all the ladies did a wonderful job :) Tk you for the smile you put on my face and God Bless you all!!!

Eileen said...

Those are wonderful things!!! You good lots of good.