Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Not a lot of quilting and knitting going on these days, but a little stitching here and there.

Most of you know that my daughter Anna Maria and her family welcomed the addition of  baby Roman last week.  so I was a bit busy helping out.

I was really tickled when I saw how she had the bassinet set up awaiting his arrival:

The "Dumbo" pillow case I cross stitched for her 30+ years ago.  The sheet that went with it became her "security blanket" and, although it's probably around somewhere, it is quite thread bare!

During the early quiet times of the baby's arrival at home, I did do a bit of embroidery.

I'm afraid that stitching will wait a while now, though, as I have the youngest of Roman's siblings (5 year old Eleni) here at my house keeping her "Nani & Papou" company for a few days.

I promised Anna Maria that I wouldn't post any photos of the baby until after she had more on her blog.  She's been a bit busy these days, so I guess you'll just have to wait a bit.


Jennifer D said...

Beautiful Embroidery! I can't wait to see more of little Roman. What lucky duckys, you get to have that little doll Eleni for awhile. She is just gorgeous and a little impish I think.

Jan said...

Ohhhhh Mary Lynn, I'm just thrilled for you all :) That little bundle of joy is just precious, as are all of your Grandkids!!! Love the bassinet and love the embroidery project!!! Love you too sweetie :)