Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Looks like I'm going to busy for a little while working on some applique on my daughter's quilt.  I'm not showing much here as it will be part of her next book.  But I did want to show you the wonderful little tweezer like scissors (lower middle part of the photo).  I found them at quilt market the other day and they are so much better than those pink handled ones in the photo for precision work.  Thanks to my quilting friends, I did know to use tiny pins for the applique and a thread that one friend described as "just melting into the fabric".  Thanks, ladies for your suggestions.  It's making this process lots easier.

There's another photo of those little  scissors (in their package) among all the other goodies that I got at the show.   Some things for machine and hand embroidery as well as quilting.  Woo-Hoo, am I going to have fun!

And on the knitting front:  I have completed the sweater (her choice of pattern and sleeve length) for my granddaughter whose birthday is next month.  What, I'm a few weeks early?   Now that's a surprise.

And believe it or not, (Talk about a stash!)  the purchase of these two yarns now completes the yarn supply for an October birthday this year, and ALL the 6 birthdays that I will cover next year--not to mention a few other yarns that I have no definite plans for.  

Hmmmmm, I guess you'll all just have to yell at me if I say anything else about another yarn sale!  


Jennifer D said...

Lovely yarn, I'll have to check out those snips. Pretty little sweater, the color is perfect.

Eileen said...

I was excited to hear the interview with AnnaMarie and her line for kids.

Jan said...

Ohhhhhh Mary Lynn! You are gonna have fun :) And I adore DGD's sweater!!! Absolutely precious :)