Friday, July 24, 2009


 Where can I begin?  One of the early things that I saw was a real surprise:  my daughter's Garden Party fabric as the focus fabric for a contest.  How great is that?

There were several quilts using the fabrid, but this was one of my favorites, maybe because I can picture her as that little girl some 30 years ago.

I got to meet up with a couple of my on-line quilting friends.  Just saw one of them momentarily and was never able to catch up with her again, but I was able to sit a while with another (first time we've actually met)  and have coffee as she and her granddaughters had their lunch.

I took a couple other photos, one of a quilt that I may want to try one day.

And another for all of you yo yo lovers out there.  Yep, that is all  yo yos!

Oh, and I did, of course, help to stimulate the economy a bit.  More about that at a later date, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

That last quilt is especially awesome!

Linda said...

Oh, I definitely need to remember the 'stimulate the economy' line. Thanks!

Jan said...

What a lovely picture of you and Ann ... the girls too!!! And OMG, that yo-yo quilt is incredible!!! Whow on that one. Love the other one that caught your eye tood and the one w/AM's fabrics is precious ... what a nice "challenge display" to have at your "first" Quilt Show :)

Jennifer D said...

how exciting to see your daughters fabric as challenge. Love the quilts, what did ya buy?

Annie said...

The "Tea for two Garden Party" is just precious. I really like all of Anna Maria's lines of bright and lively.

That yo yo quilt is so unique,thanks for posting pics of some of your "day at the show."

: )