Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hmmmm.   "Secret supply"; that was the clue to my newspaper crossword puzzle yesterday for "stash".

I'm not so sure that I'd say my supply is exactly secret.  Although on my way in to the house after a shopping trip, I usually do try to get it to the sewing room as soon as I'm home, before my husband sees the packages.  So perhaps it is an accurate definition.

At any rate, this is what I've added to my "supply" this week.  Two trips to local quilt shops for the fabric.  The pile on the left is for whatever comes along; then one on the right, however, will be for my goddaughter's expected baby girl later in the summer.

And, well, the yarn can't count as "secret" because it was mail ordered and my husband brought the package in the house when it was delivered.

Secret or not, it sure is nice to have a good stash.  I managed to make a couple pretty cute (if I do say so myself) baby boy quilts last week.
One for a dear family friend, 

And the other for new grandbaby Roman--not that his mother doesn't already have a wonderful supply.
But this one's from Nani, after all.

Actually as I was making the quilt for the family friend's baby, it was my dear husband who asked if I had made one for Roman yet.  So--again--secret or not, it's good to have a stash.  After all, how does he think I can whip one up in a couple days if I don't have a STASH  ?


Jennifer D said...

So funny, you sound just like me. I also have secret fabric purchases. Sometimes I am even trying to ditch my hubby in the shop so I can pay "secretly". ;)

Lovely quilts, of course you've got to have a stash. I bet your hubby is like mine and he secretly loves the enjoyment you get from your stash.

Jan said...

Love the new fabric Mary Lynn; and what your honey doesn't know can't hurt him, right!!! You sure did outdo yourself on last week's quilts :) They are both adorable. Ohhhhhh and very pretty yarn ... I must learn that wonderful craft some day:) Love ya!