Sunday, December 6, 2009


The last rose of summer . . .

. . . to the first snow of winter.
Unbelievable that I still had those roses on Friday, before our first snow of the season yesterday. I cut them purposely, knowing what our weather prediction was.
And the tiny little evergreen in the urn at the edge of my porch -- I just planted Friday also, surrounded by pansies I was still able to find at this late point in the season. And yes, for those of you in the North, here in TN pansies do great in the winter (but too hot for them in the summer).

And inside the house, the Christmas tree awaits its assembly. (I'm allergic to trees--especially pine--and mold, so I had to give up on the live trees several years ago.) As today is the day that the Christian world commemorates the memory of the REAL St. Nicolas, the tree will go up after church today.

And in the meantime on the needles--
A book bag for one of my granddaughters:

And a pair of socks for ME.

There are also 6 pairs of jammies for grandchildren completed--more on that later.


Jennifer D said...

Beautiful rose. Pansies in the winter? Wow, I came only grow then in the middle of summer. That book bag is adorable. I hope you show the jammies to us... I can't wait to see. Have a lovely St Nick day.

Jan said...

Loved getting a glimpse of the "TN Dec weather!" Love the Book Bag too! Thinking of you today my dear and hoping all goes well :)