Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally, I'm getting back to some more stash busting. I just can't justify buying for fabric until I do, and I wanna take advantage of the next sale, so . . .

a couple receiving blankets (two flannels sewn back to back), and a charm baby blanket backed with gingham,

some Dick and Jane fabric I've had for a while and some left over "fish" blocks paired with some plaids
made for a few good projects this holiday season.
Oh, in case you're wondering about that off center stitching on the fishy one, it was stitched from the pieced backing. I thought the front was a little boring, and I think the bright stitching helped a bit.

And as for the rest of the jammies, oops, I forgot to take photos of them before I got them all wrapped.

Now just to get a couple pair of socks knitted.


Jan said...

Oh Mary Lynn! You've been busy my dear and the outcome is wonderful! I love everything and the jammies and the socks below are awesome! Love the stockings your DSis made too :) What a treasure!

Eileen said...

What a wonderful pile of presents. I hear you loud and clear on the stash. I find it helps to use them for backings.

Elayne said...

When do you have time to m ake all these things. You are one talented lady.