Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, even though I was working with wool while knitting and cuddling under a quilt with a wool blend batting, none of the wool was for these sheep. (I do have some wonderful hand loomed blankets that my mother-in-law made decades ago from their own wool.) I would have to admit that one of my favorite things about Greece is hearing the bells on the sheep as the shepherd takes his flock by our house. I'm certainly not a professional photographer, but I do like the framing of this scene off our side patio.

On evenings when it was cool and I wasn't beside the fireplace,

it was wonderful to have the warmth of the wool batting in my quilt. That's it--folded like a pillow--awaiting my evening stretch out on the couch. Oh, and yes, that's my knitting in the bowl on the coffee table.

I was able to get this knitting done while I was there. So 3 Christmas gifts were completed when I returned home.

Now, just to finish the socs that I started on my plane trip home. (By the way, the arm rests on a plane seat are perfect for stabilizing a hank of yarn while winding it in to a ball.)


Anna Maria said...

I am in love with that picture! So pretty, can't wait to see the rest, makes me homesick for Greece!

Jennifer D said...

Lovely photos,I have always wanted to visit Greece. Thanks for the trip.

Jan said...

Gorgeous Mary Lynn! You captured those beautiful scenes perfectly :) It's so nice to have you back home! You were missed my dear.