Friday, December 11, 2009


Ah, nothing much cozier on a cold winter night that some nice, fuzzy, flannel jammies. And this "Nani" has been making just that for the grandchildren for several years now. As the number of grandchildren began to grow pretty quickly (Those are just 1/2 of the stockings!), one of my daughters suggested just making pants and getting knit shirts to go with them. So that's mostly what I do for the older children. One of the girls prefers gowns, so that's hers on the right. These jammies are all packed in a box and ready to head to the post office and on to New York in a couple days.

As for the stockings, I almost forgot that I needed to add one this year. Yep, Baby Roman makes 12.

And speaking of stockings, a favorite Christmas tradition at my house is getting out these stockings that my sister made for my children about 35 years ago.

Oh, and not nearly as colorful, but certainly another warm fuzzy: these socks that I finished for myself this week. Just in time for the cold weather--ah so cozy.

It was so much fun knitting the socks, I just might have to start on some more. Stay tuned!


FlourGirl said...

My husband has one almost exactly like the ones your sister made. Are hers knitted or made from felt?

The ones you make for the DGC are adorable!

Mary Lynn said...

Oops, FlourGirl, I didn't mean to mislead you, the grandchildren's stockings have all been purchased (I just embroidered their names on them.) And my children's stocking that my sister made are knit. Santa's beard is angora yarn.