Monday, March 8, 2010


So, here it is: the next birthday sweater with those buttons I found in my stash. This one is for my soon-to-be 5 year old grandson in New York. Maybe it will help keep him warm while all that snow finishes melting. Well, maybe it's already melted; I'm not sure. At any rate, hope he likes it!

On the quilting front: still trying to use up my old fabrics (some with at least a bit of polyester). I had so much turquoise and so much red, but not enough of either do do much with. But, HOORAY, there was a flannel that had both colors. So it's all going together in one quilt with that flannel "tying" it all together. (Actually I have the top sewn together and just this morning picked up some turquoise fleece for the backing.)

This might not quite count as quilting (Well, I stitched some straight lines in the middle for the book "spine" area, so maybe that does count as quilting.) Anyway, some dear internet friends have been spoiling me with all kinds of little goodies in the mail for my birthday and "just 'cause". Most of the fabrics will be put together in one quilt for me to be reminded of their love. But these three goodies worked out just great for a book cover.
I call it my "green pastures" (as in the 23rd Psalm) book cover and I'll use it for my paper back spiritual books to carry around with me.

These fabrics were sent by two different friends:
Couldn't get a more coordinated look, huh?

And this embroidered goody was sent by yet another.

Great finishing touch, don't you think?

OK, maybe I should go trim up that red/turquoise quilt top, and sew the backing on.


Jennifer D said...

You have done it again! That sweater is so lovely. I am in love with your bookcover, it is such a wonderful project, a warm remembrance. Thanks for sharing.

Jan said...

I adore the book cover Mary Lynn! It turned out great, as did that adorabl little sweater! Can't wait to see the red and turqoise quilt ... those colors look awesome together!

AMIT said...

The first picture of the sweater is just good.

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