Saturday, May 22, 2010


Oh, my. Two celebrations within a week of one another. And opposite ends of childhood for our youngest and eldest grandchild.

Our youngest, Roman, celebrated his first birthday last week and his big sister, Juliana, will graduate from high school on Monday.

We get to go visit them and enjoy the last couple days of grandchildren sitting (Their other grandmother has been with them the last few days.) until Mom and Dad get home on Monday, just in time to see their first baby graduate. They have been busy in Minneapolis this week at Quilt Market.

My preparations for the celebrations are almost complete.

Including my first attempt at towel monogramming. I'm thinking that they turned out quite nicely.

And the machine embroidery for the yoke of the nightgown I think is quite OK too. I'm hoping the "puckering" will relax a bit once the Solvy is off the back. (It just might have been a mistake to try to press the hoop wrinkles out with the Solvy still there--just to get this photo!)

I'll finish the nightie when I get more fabric from my daughter's home studio while I'm there. So I guess it's not all quite wrapped up after all. Some of it needs to wait just a few more days.


Eileen said...

Looks really great.

Jan said...

Awesome Mary Lynn! I can't wait to see those jammies :)