Sunday, May 30, 2010


As I'm working on MY patchwork inside (to finish my Irish Chain block exchange blocks) . . .

. . . my husband has his own brand of patchwork on the outside of the house -- to remedy a water problem in our basement utility room. He is raising the concrete (which has "settled" over time) that supports our driveway pavers so that water won't run toward the house(and in to the basement) in a heavy rainfall.

And like any good quilter, he plans well for the placement of his "patches" so he will know exactly where the pavers belong to keep the pattern correct.

And as I take a break from my patchwork, I am finishing up my granddaughter's birthday sweater.

Actually, between the time I took this photo and got around to sharing it with you, the crochet edging is finished as are all the seams. All that's left is the buttons that I will buy tomorrow.

That means I can now start on my grandson's sweater this evening --I guess I'd better get to it.

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Anna Maria said...

hi nannie!this is isabela.i never knew you bloged! it's great! Love, Isabela