Monday, April 9, 2007

A Blessed Easter Week to you All!

Xhristos Anesti! (Christ is risen!)
Alithos Anesti! (Truly He is risen!)

The Christian Orthodox greeting and response that is spoken during the 40 days following Easter.

Our Easter weekend was quite busy with the whole family getting in on the activities. As you see, daughter Eleni had some help with the red velvet egg:

But everyone got in the act, one way or another:

Although for Orthodox Christians, the Easter Egg is traditionally red, the children participated in the more American approach to the egg dyeing!

Even to the point of stuffing plastic eggs with candy.

While Anna Maria is busy hoping to meet a deadline with her chocolate lollipop


Anna Maria said...

That cake was sooooo yummy! At least as good as it looked. xo, A

DIANA said...

Dear mom of Annamaria ,i think your daugter is just nice person and i was thinking she was too famous for answering to all the comments in her blog..but now i think the quilters are all very nice and simple people,not like the Hollywood stars!!!me and my mother are just good in sewing and embroider too,i hope the world will change in a better way..God bless you all.Diana from Italy.