Monday, April 30, 2007


Quiltin' by the river? Certainly not. Well, OK, the sewing machine and the frame were not carted down the steep hill. However, since I'm doing some applique, I found it the perfect spot to work on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A leftover Easter basket (that didn't make it on a plane trip home) made the perfect sewing basket for just a few items.

Even my husband agreed that my figure looks like "something jumping out of a box". I'll take that description.

I even managed to use a very nostalgic item. Check out the little needle holder: my mother's Brownie Scout troop made those sometime in the 50's. It's just 2 pieces of felt (felt was heavier in those days than it is now) with a piece of wool fabric sandwiched between. The 3 pieces of fabric are attached at the top with yarn. You stick the needles and pins on the interior wool fabric so nothing gets stuck as you travel. This particular one is the pattern of the Girl Scout trefoil, cut out with pinking shears, but you could use any pattern. And with all of today's fancy crafting scissors, you could make any sort of edging. A great mother's day project if you want to help little ones make something for a mom or grandma who sews.

And after a my stitching was done, we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon snack, using the same little basket!

Hope your week is sunny and filled with your favorite things.

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thewoodenspool said...

Ohhh and ahhh.....looks like a splendid afternoon on your corner of the river! I love everything you are working on. It is so fun to see where Anna Maria gets her talents from. I just discovered your fun little blog that is linked to Anna's. Love all your gorgeous knits and quilts, Mary. I'll be checking in again to see what you are working on. You certainly have some gorgeous works of art. ~