Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Some days are just too beautiful NOT to sit by the river. Yesterday was one of those days, especially with the addition of some beautiful wild flowers nearby. Now that I've become hooked on dishcloths that don't require a pattern in hand, knittin' by the river is a wonderful afternoon break.

Not to mention, my husband, Terry (power drill in hand!) likes my company as he finishes up the dock railing.

So with the tools of our crafts nearby, we enjoy the view and one another's company.

But, back up at the house, in my favorite knitting spot in front of the TV, my (pattern needing) works in progress await: an Aran sweater (the blue wool blend) for 3 year old granddaughter, Eleni, and a hoodie (gold silk and wool blend) for 15 year old Juliana. My new knitting bag was a gift from daughter Anna Maria. It was promo bag made for a pattern company using her first fabric line produced by Free Spirit Fabrics, Bohemian. (Yeah, as you see, the TV remote is close by too!)

And, yes, I do sit in a straight back chair when I knit. After pulling out my SI (sacroileac) joint quite badly a few years back, I learned from my physical therapist that my previous way of sitting on the couch (rather slouchy with legs on the ottoman) was the worst possible position for my back. And now, after a few years of Pilates exercises , and my wonderful instructor/trainer at the studio I attend, my abnominal muscles are supporting my back well enough that I can actually sit for several hours without even using the back of the chair--just sitting up straight!


Anna Maria said...

this all makes retirement sound just about perfect right now.

Cheryl Prater said...

ML: I am a cyber-friend of AMs -- you know the one that has six degrees of spartafication from the Demo Family?

How cool to have a mom that blogs. My mom can barely comment on my blog (love you Mommy - assuming you know how to use a link and saw this -- yes, I'm paranoid like any good greek girl)

My dad went to IIT, and my Nouno, I think. I hope to meet you all someday. My Uncle Mike teaches at Trevecca and lives near Nashville, his wife Betsy works at Vanderbilt and their daughter Eleni is graduating HS this May so who could happen. You have been officially warned.

Christos Anesti and come visit me:

Mary Lynn said...

Cheryl, I visited your blog too! Your dad's from Sparta, huh? That's where my daugther-in-laws family is from. Her uncle is a priest there in the largest church (don't remember the name) in the city. Her papou was a priest in the area. (There are MANY priests in her family!) Wonder if your dad knew them. It would be great to meet you; I am an Nashville quite a bit.
Thanks for visiting me here.
Mary Lynn

Bethany Jane Hissong said...

Your website is looking fantastic!