Saturday, April 14, 2007

Meet the grandkids!

Well, I guess that's more than the grandkids; my son is holding the youngest who happens to be his son. For all of my Weight Watcher friends, please ignore the red velvet Easter egg cake, decorated by daughter Eleni, and the Girl Scout thin mint cookie cheese cake. YUM! It was worth it.


Anna Maria said...

Hope you make it home okay today Mommy! Thank you so much for all your help this week, and enjoy your new blog layout! I miss our Easter weekend already :(

xo, A

Anonymous said...

umm, Girs Scout Thin Mint Cookie cheesecake???!!!! Can you share that recipe?
I've got three fingers raised and ready to give the Girl Scout Pledge!

Nice blog - I linked from your daughter's lovely blog.

Good work!

jennifer in KS

DIANA said...

WOW!! a great family!!i hope they will be happy to have a grandmother like you!!i hope to see your quilts here in your blog and learn something from you too!!!

Mary Lynn said...

Jennifer, you have mail: THE recipe!

Diana, what sweet messages; thank you for visiting.

Mary Lynn

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great!!! Love the pictures! Looking forward to seeing your projects both knitted and quilted! Oh and you could post your recipes too! The cake looked HEAVENLY!!! Hugs from Mona