Saturday, April 21, 2007


There are some (well, OK, many) times that I just don't want to clean up the house. But this week there was a good excuse. After the grandchildren are here is one of those times. I remember my mom not cleaning the little handprints off the windows for weeks after I had been at her house with my 3 when they were little. It's like withdrawal, I guess: we still need a little dose of the grandchildren after they leave. And since I was away the week after Easter there were still little reminders of their visit scattered around the house when I returned home.

However, if I want to get to any of the "fun stuff" (Note the knitting cotton beside the sewing machine, and the bag of Anna Maria's fabrics on top of the dryer.), I first needed to get my work --including the mounds of laundry--out of the way first!

So the toys were all put away,

and the Easter baskets stacked in the closet for another year.

But there are a few things that will stay put for a while:
Eli's rubber duckie, beside his great grandma's hair dye cabinet (that is now my thread and tiny-piece fabric storage spot). OK, I'll put away the manicure stuff used by the bigger girls, but I do think the duckie is kind of cute there. Not sure if interiors expert daughter Eleni would agree, but I think the color even kind of works with the decor of the room.

But this (it's OK--it's plastic!) is staying just like it is for a LONG time! Maybe if I leave it there, someone will find it next year--or whenever we are blessed to all be together again.

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Anna Maria said...

I'll have to remember to look in the fern next Easter while I help my kids cheat.