Wednesday, July 25, 2007

But all I went to the store for was . . .

Yikes, I've gone and done it again. Browsed the aisles of a store when I just went for one little thing. 10 yards at 29 cents/yard should be only $2.90 + tax, right? So why did it come to $22.95? Well, the story is. . .

I went to the store to buy this:

so I could make some cording

for a pillow from this fabric.

All done in a couple hours. Turned out pretty nice, don't you think?

But the real story is: while I was at the store, somehow all this

got in my basket. But the prices were even below the marked clearance ($.97 from previous price of $5.99 and $.50 from $3.99); how can a gal NOT snatch it up?

And I still have all this not started yet,

not to mention the 3 works in progress for this year's birthday girls (2 in January--just a bit past due--and one coming up next month).

Of my new "stash", I think the purple will be a shawl or sweater for me; (I haven't knit for myself in YEARS.) the blue, a scarf for a gift; and the teal nubby, for a little boy's March birthday.
From the previous stash, I might do this year's October boy's (8 y0) birthday sweater, and the socs--well, I might get around to trying those sometime. Never done a soc in my life, only a pair of booties some 40 years ago.

Don't even ask me about all the flannel I bought at the quilt shop a couple weeks ago!


The Wooden Spool said...

ohfffff, tell me about it....the ever growing stash! I just spent too much on some fabrics I was trying to match up to strip a quilt......turned out the color was TOTALLY off and did not do the quilt justice. Argh! Now I have three yards of an ugly mauve fabric sitting there......just sitting there. Doing nothing.....oh well! Good luck and have fun with the yarn!!! Laurie~ PS....looks like you all had one wonderful beach vacation! YAY!

knit chick said...

Been there done that... have the receipts to prove it. It's fun, though!