Monday, July 16, 2007

Ready for the Beach!

Yippee, it's almost time to meet all the kids (3) and grandkids (10) at the beach.
They have been there since Saturday. We will join them tomorrow and return home on Thursday. A lot of driving (from Knoxville to Pauley's Island SC) for just a couple days, but it will be well worth it.

Sorry friends, No knitting or sewing today--just a peek in to "Nani's" preparation to be with her family:
I decided a couple months ago that it would be fun to have a summer birthday celebration while we are there. It is not too often that we are all together since our geography keeps us apart--Knoxville and Nashville TN, Columbia SC, and Commack (Long Island) NY. A little while after making that decision, I got an e-mail ad from William Sonoma. (Why do I give them my e-mail address? They "get me" every time!) So I did a bit of baking today for the individual birthday cakes:

Aren't they cute?

It will be interesting to see what the older children can do with all these trimmings

I wonder if they will look anything like this:

It really doesn't matter what they look like. They'll have a lot of fun anyway. And if any of you remember the Easter get together, there's a good chance that Eleni will be helping them out. She's the decorating queen, with granddaughter Juliana following close behind.
Speaking of Juliana, I had to make a couple loaves of bread for her. The first words out of her mouth almost every time she arrives at our house are, "Nani, do you have any home made bread?" So here you are dear! I wonder how long 2 loaves will last.

And, of course, besides the food, we need the birthday presents

And just so no one feels left out, a fun beach treat for everybody.

Now, I just need to get US packed! See you when we get home.

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Stephanie said...

I saw that cake pan too and almost bought it myself. It is AWESOME. You did a good job too.