Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to a bit of my machine quilting

So I finally got in the mood to do a bit of quilting yesterday. This is my set up at my kitchen table to hold the weight of the large 68" square quilt.

I finally finished the "Stitch in the Ditch" on my picnic quilt--although a lot is beside the ditch and some crosses over back and forth. Oh, well. At least it's a start.
I did learn a good trick from one of my on line quilting friends, though: move the needle from the center of the foot. It helps tremendously--especially when I figured out to move the needle to the opposite side of where the seam allowance is pressed:

AND I also played around with my free motion--outlining the butterflies on the border. 1 border down and 3 to go.

Then just the binding and I'll be done!

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Amateur Tightwad said...

This made me laugh. I'm a newish quilter, and recently made a quilt of just basic squares in fun fabrics. I referred to my stitching as stitching somewhere in the vicinity of the ditch.

The quilt is just beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished!