Friday, August 8, 2008

Lots of fun knitting on the horizon

Well, I've been doing a bit of on line pattern hunting and have found what I think my almost 6 year old granddaughter will like for her upcoming birthday. She showed me some "fancy" yarn that she said she would like for her next sweater but said that the color was "your choice". So I'm making this for her in red. I couldn't find the yarn at any of the "big box" craft stores or local yarn shops, so I ordered it on-line yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive.

I also found an adorable vest for another granddaughter who will be 5 in January. Her mom "fessed" up that she has all of 11 sweaters, so doesn't need another. All the better for me--less knitting and time saved.

The sweater that I've been working on is all done except for assembly and knitting the front and neck bands. In the meantime, I've started a vest for my grandson who will be 11 on Sunday.

(Drats, I can't figure out how to rotate the photo, but "you get the picture".)

But all this knitting (and my quilting) has taken a back seat temporarily while I have been making creole and spaghetti sauce from our bumper tomato crop.

Hmm, that's my hubby in the background, making his favorite summer meal: a Greek tomato salad. He could (and really does some times) eat a tomato salad 3 times a day! Ah, but with such good tomatoes and our own wonderful olive oil, why not?

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mascanlon said...

Oh I loved Anna Maria recipe for Greek tomato salad and then I popped over here to see your husband enjoying it as well. And the picnic quilt is coming along beautifully!