Monday, June 1, 2009


Many of you have seen the photos of my daughter's new baby Roman, by himself and with each of his parents and siblings.

But I wanted to show you a photo of them all together, so here they are!

I've not had much needle time; I stayed with them for a few days, then brought Eleni (the 5 year old) home with me for a few days, took her back home, stayed a couple more days and came home Saturday evening.

Maybe this evening I can get back in my groove.  I  have some quilted fabric pieces that I was going to use for place mats (my practice free motion quilting last summer).  I think instead of place mats, though, they are going to become grocery shopping totes.  After all, it's the leftover fabric from my picnic quilt, so it's all about food!


Linda said...

What a beautiful family! It is fun to see them all together. Thank you for sharing your joy. Congratulations to you on the new little guy and for being a wonderful, supportive mother and grandmother!

Jan said...

Gorgeous photo Mary Lynn :) It makes me smile!!!

Our Curly Girls said...

So precious!! :)