Saturday, June 27, 2009


Oh my, this is an "Oops" on so many levels.  First is that I have the flying geese on the left side in the wrong direction.  But the "biggie", I think is that the middle flying geese aren't close enough in color to make the center look like a square.  I'll have to keep that in mind when I modify a pattern from only 3 fabrics to using varied fabrics in like color intensity.  In this case, the colors were not close enough to have the desired effect.

So I went back to my little box of precut pieces and found what I needed to remedy the situation.
I just hope that I will have enough of the precut pieces for the remainder of my blocks of the month.  This is September's, so I still have a few left to go.  But then I did cut WAY more than I needed, so I should be OK.

And speaking of months, my June Christmas project (The idea is to do something for Christmas on the 25th of each month so there won't be quite the rush come December.) turned out quite nicely, I think.  It's simply hand towels that I found on sale that I have added strips of holiday fabric to.  These will be gifts.

And this is for me.  It's not a new towel, just an old one whose color doesn't quite go anywhere any more.  But add a little Christmas bling, and it can go anywhere, come December.

In the meantime, lets enjoy the rest of June!

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Jan said...

Your "ooops" made me chuckle Mary Lynn :) Been there, done that more times than I care to admit :) The modification is fantastic and I love the Christmas towels. What a great idea!!!