Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been playing around with different gauges and stitches for the 6x9 rectangles that eventually made into afghans.

Currently I'm trying a needle that's a little larger than I'd been using, just so it goes faster.  This is worsted weight with a size 8.  I only need 22 stitches per row in garter stitch . . .

as opposed to 24 stitches on size 7 needles.

As I mentioned last posting, I was going to try my hand at crocheting.  As it turns out, I remembered pretty well.  The first night, though, I was so tense that my shoulder got sore!  With a little practice and relaxing, though, I've learned to really like it.
I crocheted in the car on the way and way home from South Carolina last weekend where we visited our daughter.  I don't like to knit in the car--sharp points, you know.  So it was a perfect time to try to remember my crocheting.  I only had one size needle with me though.
I don't know exactly what my stitches are called, I think double and triple crochet, but I'm not sure.
Since we've gotten home I switched to a larger needle and am  doing "double?" on a large needle . . .
as opposed to the smaller needle.   "Double ?" on the left was too tight and would be too heavy for an afghan, I think.  And the "triple?" on the right is a little lacier than I wanted.  So I think I'll settle for the larger needle above.

Oh, but I must share with you that you just CANNOT drive through South Carolina in the summer and NOT stop for some peaches on the way home.  We bought 1/2 bushel on Sunday.  Yummmm:    fresh, in a few pies, and today I finished most of them up with some jam.

I peeled a few more than I needed for my jam and they are in the "fridge".  Hmmmmm, I think I'll go have one.

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