Friday, June 12, 2009


Why on earth, you may ask, am I still making totes instead of getting on with my other unfinished projects.

Well, here you have it:  not enough room in my current totes to get all the groceries.  AND, I'd like not to use that yucky plastic one at all. (The sunflower patchwork one, by the way, was a gift from my daughter several years ago.) 

So, with the help of my last three "would-be placemats" I made my final shopping tote.  At least for now, anyway  there may be more in my future for gifts from upolstery sample patchwork.


But, while I was in the groove of things, I decided to make a beach bag (complete with eyeglass case) for a birthday gift for a granddaughter who we are going to see this weekend.

All from stash.  Can't beat that!

Now I think I'll go try my hand at remembering how to crochet and work on some of those 6x9 rectangles for afghans.  I'll let you know if I can remember or if I'm going to need tutoring.


Jennifer D said...

Mary Lynn you have inspired me to make totes myself.Yours are lovely I have been trying to ween myself from using the thin produce bags, now I am ready for the big leap. Thanks

Jan said...

Love all the totes Mary Lynn :) They are soooooo much better than those little plastic bags!!! You've gone "green" my dear :)