Saturday, June 6, 2009


What, you may ask, do food and flowers have to do with quilting and knitting.  Well, I must admit, it's a bit of a stretch.  But one of my latest projects will bring quilting in to the realm of grocery shopping--you know:  "going green" by taking your own bags to the grocery or market.
I just happened to have a start on some totes (not planned that way) in the leftover fabric from last summer's picnic quilt.  I was going to make place mats, but decided perhaps they would be just the right size for shopping totes.  The fabric was already place mat size, sandwiched and basted.

My first is just a little big (side panels added to the edge of the precut "placemat"), but not bad for light weight items.

The second is a little small (two placemats just sewn together), but perfect for heavy items, or a small shopping excursion.
I have had lots of fun practicing my free motion quilting, and have gotten relatively good at the "meandering" method.  That also gives lots of "body" to the fabric, making a perfect "bottom" for my totes.  I might try the next one a medium size.

And since I mentioned food, I guess I gotta show you what else I've been doing these last few days:
Blackberry and mixed berry jam.  (This photo was taken before the strawberry was done.)
I must admit that seeing a good stash of fabric or yarn probably takes a second place to the pleasure I get in seeing a new stash of home canned good on my pantry shelves.

As for flowers, well, just thought I'd share a couple with you.  I dug this shamrock out of the ground a couple weeks ago.  Seems it doesn't mind being in a pot.

And this Oak Leaf Hydrangea finally (after several years in this spot) has  decided to look good!  Perhaps it's due to the unusual rainy spring we had.

Oh, as for knitting:  well, I did get by the LYS the other day for them to explain a direction in my vest pattern that was confusing me.  So perhaps I'll get back in the knitting mode sometime soon too.  I'll let you know.


Jan said...

Love the totes Mary Lynn and please, please, please, pass the jam!!! It looks awesome, as do your flowers :)

Melissa said...

That's it. I'm moving in with you so you can teach me everything you know. EVERYTHING. =)