Wednesday, June 3, 2009


. . . another man's (BIRD'S) treasure!  --or fishing spot.

Our view of the Tennessee River is wonderful, especially at sunrise.  Today there was an extra surprise:  lots of "trash" (mostly logs--quite a hazard to fast boaters or skiers).  But the herons (some Great Blues and some Night Herons) didn't seem to mind.  Perfect spot for their early morning fishing!

While I haven't gotten back to very much needle work since getting home from daughter's home and fun with her new baby, I thought I'd show you that the 30s repro baby quilt I made last year is NOT just for babies.

Young Eleni stayed with us a few days last week and this was her favorite spot for watching her favorite movie "The Little Mermaid".
We miss her; she was such a joy to have around!  Ah well, we'll visit in a few weeks.

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Jan said...

What an awesome view Mary Lynn. I could very easily get used to waking up to that every day. Love Miss Eleni under the quilt too :) That's why we do it :)