Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, I've decided to tuck away the vest I am making for myself.  I have it all done but the collar and belt. 
 Since it's a winter vest, 

I decided I should start on some other things that I'll need before that like a sweater for my soon-to-be 8 year old granddaughter for her August birthday.

Now that my evening knitting is all organized, it's time to organize for some day time quilting.  So here are the blocks for my next BOM (block of the month).  I'm doing pretty well as this is the August block.  Hooray, I'm ahead on something!

And remember that embroidery I was working on while I was at my daughters?  Well, I thought I needed to buy some more varied colored flosses.  But the other day when I was looking for something (an empty CD case to be exact), I came across a lot of old needlework canvases that I had forgotten I had.  AND in the bag, there was a lot of floss.  Another HOORAY!  So I have it all organized too.

And speaking of finding things:  in the cabinet where I found the floss, there was also a bag with this unfinished needlepoint pillow.  I'm am almost ashamed to tell you how long ago that was laid aside.  Let's just say that it was for my son (who is now pushing 40) and I was working on it for him when he was 8!
Not to worry, I think it will be a great gift for his son who will be 5 in March.  Certainly I can finish it by then as all that is left is the light green background.  Looks like a great in-the-car project for an upcoming trip to see our daughter and her family--including the new baby.  

And then, there's an 8 hour drive to the beach the following week--and another 8 hours to get home too, so that's lots of time for this particular unfinished project.

Just gotta get it all organized, after it's found that is!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your summer loving up your beautiful family, traveling here and there, and doing some long lost needlework projects. Sounds like a perfect summer to me!



Jan said...

Love the long, but not lost "embroidery" project MARY LYNN :) Hey, 32 years in the drawer isn't too bad (LOL). How great it will go to his son instead :) One of these days you're gonna have to teach me how to knit and I'm quite anxious for the completion of your vest and DGD's sweater :)